1) Center Conductor: SPCW - Silver Plated Copper clad .steel Wire
2) Dielectric: PTFE - PolyTetraFluorEthylene
3) Outer Shield: TC - Tinned Copper
4-1) Jacket: PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
4-2) Jacket: FEP - Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene

The full range of Ye Eun Semi Flex Coaxial Cables meet the electrical and dimensional requirements of standard semi-rigid coaxial cables and can be used without the extensive process equipment. Semi Flexible - Semi-Rigid Replacement Coaxial Cables - can be "formed by hand" (or with the preferred use of a mandrel) resulting in decreased processing times and reduced scrap through their ability to be re-formed in the event of a processing error. Most constructions are also available with an overall jacket to provide protection against the elements where necessary. We can also manufacture custom constructions with impedance from 10 to 100 Ohms in various sizes.